- Lady Gaga’s Social Network

Lady Gaga’s Social Network is now open to everyone. It seems to be a mixture of Pinterest (the way it displays and arranges the information) and Reddit (it includes a voting system).

At the moment, however, it seems to be all about Lady Gaga. If you are a fan, this is just the perfect social site for you. If you are looking to explore a variety of topics then you’d better keep looking as, at least at the moment, Lady Gaga is all you are going to find on

Dear Britain: Brighton’s Cool Bed and Breakfast Scene


Brighton is such a trendy city in the UK that it is becoming over crowded because so many people are moving there to live, and plenty of tourists come to stay each year. Thanks to Brighton’s popularity, the tourism industry there is booming in the summer and there are plenty of large hotels on…

I work in Brighton and I love it. It’s a fantastic city :-)

Pinterest: One of the Hottest Social Sites Out There

Most of you will have heard of Pinterest, one of the most recent social sites and yet considered one of the hottest startups of 2012.

If you are interested on reading about what Pinterest has to offer, you’ll find quite a few infographics and posts about it on my Social Media board… My advice, however is give it a try. There won’t be a better way to know if it’s the place for you.

Rocaforte, a village in Northern Spain


Rocaforte is a beautiful village found in the Foral Community of Navarre. Located at 25 miles from Pamplona. Medieval documents refer to this village as ‘Sangüesa la Vieja’ (the Old Sangüesa) as it is the old town of the current city of Sangüesa.

View of Rocaforte

View or Rocaforte Church and current Sangüesa city on the right

I visit Rocaforte every time I can. It’s a lovely village (so authentic!). Rocaforte celebrates its traditional party in the mid-end of August. I recommend it to everyone :)

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